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About us

TTV Valves

As a multinational enterprise, TTV has specialised in the manufacture of butterfly valves since 1982 and, with the philosophy of a family business, is focused on customer service and care. We’ve continually evolved throughout our history up until the point of forming the TTV – JC Valve Group, the largest group in industrial valve technology in Spain.

TTV’s trajectory has always been that of continual growth thanks in no small part to our team, currently made up of more than 700 employees who are one of the fundamental pillars of our company, and to the continual technological development of our products.

Global services

We’ve evolved alongside our clients, providing bespoke consultation and design through a formidable product catalogue and by selecting the material most suited to every need.

Our production processes satisfy the highest of quality standards and we’re able to meet tight deadlines thanks to our sizeable distribution network that reaches every corner of the world.

We’re always there for our clients.



Cesar Abarca Martin founds TTV Valves as a partner


International expansion


Launch of TTV South Africa subsidiary


Moved headquarters to current location


Second generation


Expansion to the Middle Eastern market


TTV Válvulas S.A. acquires JC Fábrica de Válvulas S.A. and ICP Valves to form the TTV - JC Valve Group


Formation of TTV - JC Dubai subsidiary


Creation of TTV - JC India subsidiary


Company’s 40th anniversary


Founding of TTV - JC Egypt and TTV - JC Qatar subsidiaries

TTV around the world